When I was a little girl..

3:30 AM

First of all,I just wanna say "This is my 101 post!" Yeahh! I'm so happy about it,so I decided to post some pictures of me,when I was little. On lot of pictures you can see my younger sister Andjela and me. 
And I wanna say/write that in future I will post more outfits on the blog. 

Look who is here..Little me :)

Hoho my first steps.

I in the garden.                                                                                         With White Rabbit

On Zlatibor

 I felt so nostalgic and happy flicking through lot's of old photos. I was so little and quiet,and my sister was so big and unquiet. Hahaha.

In bedroom

We always know how to celebrate New Year

So cute. I love this photo

Young girl

See Andjela...She closed her eyes and she laughs.

Guess who ate more ice cream

Hug me,please

 Sorry about quality of photos,but they are old,and they are not taken by digital camera.

In Sokobanja

Look mom I can walk

Lovely cakes

I in folk costume                                                                                   Who is nine years old?

I always love Santa Claus
Me and my little sister

In Kumbor                                                                                   We always love shoes

We were special dressed on uncle's wedding

Hahahah,I love this reindeer ears

And one of my favorite for the end
I hope you like this different kind of post.
Kisses,until next post.

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