Life is beautiful

6:18 AM

Do you know feeling when you come from hard and amazing party and saw two little nephews,then you heard that they remained awake all night just to see you? Do you know that feeling? I know. 

That is amazing,you don't know what to say,what to do. And then you just hold them and hug,hug,huuug them and kiss them a lot. They smile and talk to you about school,friends,New Year,show you presents brought by Santa Claus. And you listen them,listen about little thing and think how they don't know nothing about life,people,work,but they're happy and that's all that matters. 
You smile,put them in bed to sleep and think how LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL when you have someone and that someone loves you. 

It's time to open presents

Beautiful Christmas tree

+ some family photos 

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