Boyfriend jeans? No, boyfriend shirt!

5:21 AM

There is nothing like that shirt you borrow from your  boyfriend.  That next best thing to the comfort of his chest.   But this shirt is not from my boyfriend.  It’s sexier (haha),it’s cooler. It's from my best friend. Haha. 

I don't like boyfriend jeans,they just look sloppy and frumpy. Now of course the point of boyfriend jeans isn't for a totally polished look, but when it's making you look frumpy that's never a good thing. And they aren't  my style. But boyfriend shirts  is something else. I like the feeling I have when I wear his shirt. I feels free,sexy,stylish...
With this shirt I wore 2 bracelets,belt and sunglasses. I just love blazers and I don't wear them often,but with this shirt I wore simple,black blazer (one of my favorites).
This is simple,nice,casual outfit for school,walk or something like that.

And big THANK to Marija,who gave me this presents. The show gel and cream are awsome,darling,thank you one more time.

I wore:
Lady first Jeans
SIX  Bracelets
SIX Belt
Koton Blazer
Linkin Park Shirt (don't know the brand)
Orsay Sunglasses
Deichmann Shoes

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