10 wardrobe Essentials Part #2

6:10 AM

You can see 5 wardrobe essentials in previous post . Today i post list number two. (:
Let's start!

Wrap dress

The wrap dress again is an item with legs, in other words mileage, when it comes to getting your cost per wear.  You will find that a wrap dress can be worn in so many different settings and can be accessorized different to meet your needs.  Be sure to include one, or two, in your closet.


Black blazer

Black blazer flatters all body types and looks great matched with any other essential. Excellent for office work and even casual outfits.

Leather jacket

There are many different types of jackets that you can include in your wardrobe, but a short leather jacket is a versatile piece to have on hand. Paired with jeans for a weekend outing or a casual dress ensemble, it truly allows you quite a bit of freedom when pulling together casual, yet stylish outfits.  Black, brown, camel or even jewel tone leather jackets are all options to consider. Always make sure it fits well through the shoulders and the sleeves hit just below your wrist bone.


Large bag

Large bag serves double duty as a briefcase during the week and a shopping bag on the weekend.

Pearl necklace

Need we say more? For spicing up your outfit twirl it twice around your neck and enjoy the attention!

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