10 Wardrobe Essentials #Part 1

8:27 AM

Fill your closet with wardrobe essentials from five basic "clothing groups," and you'll never again ask "What should I wear?"

#1 Jeans

A quality pair of designer jeans is more than worth the price.  Not only will they hug your body in the most flattering way imaginable, but you’ll be wearing them for many years to come. Always remember to buy them a bit snug, as they loosen a bit with wear. The versatility of jeans makes them a must have as a foundation piece in your wardrobe. Expand your possibilities by including boot cut, straight leg, a pair to wear with flats and one with heels, and don’t forget boyfriend and trouser jeans as well.

#2 White shirts

For whenever you need to wear something sophisticated and cute, a dressy shirt will never fail you.White shirt with jeans, skirts or pants, this is one of the ultimate versatile items to include. Layer and accessorize as necessary.

#3 Blouses

Depending on your taste and lifestyle, you will gravitate toward different styles of blouses.  Whether they be long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless though, you will want to have a few in your closet. Again, pair them with jeans and skirts, layer them with cardigans or jackets, and have the peace of mind knowing you can wear them to work or out on a date.

#4 Nautical Top

Many essential wardrobe lists don’t include a nautical top or sweater, but if you’re someone who tends to choose casual over dressed up, you will want to include this item.  Worn by itself, with a pair of ankle jeans and flats, one’s style factor rises immediately because it looks so effortless, but at the same time so creatively done, when in reality it is simple.  In chilly instances, a trench, or short sleeve cardigan look just as chic.

#5 Little black dress

Again and again, the little black dress is listed as one of the must have items and truer words have never been spoken, whether you choose to purchase a black sheath dress, black wrap dress or a beautifully short cocktail dress, you are set to look amazing. Little black dress works with anything. 

To be continued...

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