Big changes

9:38 AM

Body and life cycle change, so does the clothes. The best way to deal with the changes is to introduce something new in your style. Fashion stylists suggest that you should freshen up your look with a new bag or shoes. You should know that you’re not supposed to dress the way you used to before, but adjust to the trends in your favor.

  •  Don’t dress in baggy oversized, loose clothes. A lot of women think this is the kind of clothes that make them look thinner. The result is a counter effect, such clothes actually make you look bigger than you really are. Wear clothes that go along the body line, you’ll look slim and younger.
  •  Don’t be slaves to trends, let the trends adapt to you. Complete your look with a piece of jewelry.
  •  Pay your hairdresser a visit and finally let him cut short your hair according to your face shape. Healthy and nourished hair looks the best.

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