Old fashion rules that are very useful to break

3:31 AM

Fashion rules used to require that shoes and handbags always be in the same color. Some women went even further – their handbags and shoes had to be in the same shade as well. However, fashion situation is completely different today. You are not outdated if your bag and shoes are in different colors. What’s more, modern world seems to highly respect such situation and finds it very attractive.

Earlier fashion didn’t allow us to experiment as much with colors, prints and designs. People who combined such clothing pieces would often trigger derisive comments and puzzled looks. Today such combinations are worn by majority of fashion icons and by all of those who enjoy colors and have the guts to wear such unusual combinations the right way.

 Rules that tell you not to combine two colors (brown and navy blue, for example, or orange and purple) should be rejected as well. Trend of color-block combinations is very popular since the last spring and it made us all aware of a possible to match two colors that appear incompatible.

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