How to make your lipstick last longer

12:25 PM

Prepare your lips

  Did you know that lipstick blends in perfectly when the lips are moisturized? First apply some lip balm, after a few minutes dab your lips with a paper tissue and only then you can carefully apply the lipstick.


  It’s not used only to contour your lips, but also as a foundation for the lipstick. Be careful to choose the right pencil color, because it is better to use lipstick alone, than ruin everything with lipliner.

Dark colors

  They don’t come off easily because they are highly pigmented. This is where quality lipsticks step onto the stage, because they last longer on the lips.


  Lipsticks which last up to 16 hours are usually matte and cause your lips to dry out. To create the impression of fresh look, from time to time apply a little bit of lipgloss. You can also try lip balm, but don’t press really hard, otherwise the lipstick will come off

Finish with powder

  Who would have guessed? After putting on the lipstick, lightly press your lips with a powder brush. If you make any additional corrections, you won’t achieve the desired effect.

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