Style Inspiration: Edie Sedgwick

12:29 PM

You've probably already heard of the amazing Edie. I decided to dedicate my post to her for many reasons. Primarily because of her amazing style, charisma and beauty. Then, sixties are inexhaustible source of inspiration to me... But, main is the fact that I was so touched by her unfortunately short life story, which is described in the great movie "Factory Girl".

 The Sedgwick family included a number of relatives who played a part in early American History. Edie arrived at the factory - backed by such a large family history - and dazzled Warhol. Edie helped to transform the factory's reputation as a place to be seen for all New York's wealthy socialites and trend-setters. During the period from 1963 until 1965, Edie featured in leading magazines such as Time, Life and Vogue. 

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