Instagram Post #1

6:25 AM

This is my first Instagram post. Not much to say, join me on my journey and follow me on instagram (@eyelinerqueen) or if click HERE . Intagram is so much fun, and I love sharing my inspirations there with you!

I really love GG. I can watch it over and over again 

Make up for rainy day 

I'm in love with this Mozart chocolate balls from Wiena

Flower in my garden 

Outfit for late night date 
Work, work

Time for my hair haha 

Playing with Kiki 

Elegant style

Delicious, mmmm

Beautiful roses in my bedroom

Casual and classy style

Arizona + Beach + Book = PARADISE

Party all night! 

Another day on beach

Make up time 
Some of outfits

Red lips never bore me 

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