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8:06 AM

Fashion blogger of the week: Alix Bancourt ♥

Each week i will post some of the best pictures of the most famous fashion bloggers from all over the globe.

Alix Bancourt is a fashion blogger who goes by the name TheCherry Blossom Girl. She is based in Paris, France. Her blog is written in French and translated in English.

Alix interned for Chloé and Alexander McQueen before starting her site in 2007. Her style is known for its use of pastels, flower prints and whimsical colors. In 2010, photographer Scott Schuman snapped a picture of Alix during Paris Fashion Week that Crate & Barrel later used in a marketing campaign. She was named one of G4TV's "Hottest Women of the Web" in 2008. <3

Love her style. Enjoy the pictures! ♥

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