Give me a Celebrity Closet!

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Forget huge kitchens, million-dollar views, and blue-chip furnishings. Often the best room in a celebrity’s home is the most private—the closet. For these design-world stars, the spaces created to contain their wardrobes reflect their personal style as much as the clothes (and shoes!).

 My favorite Celebrity Closets

 Kim Kardashian gives us sexy glam with an air of sophistication on a daily basis. She is truly Hollywood’s “IT” fashion socialite and with good reasoning. She is a total advocate for one of my favorite designers Herve Leger. At any given event she can be found in one of his famous bandage dresses which she looks amazing in btw. Kim’s style is very sexy. Lots of draping and asymmetrical lines in her pieces. If I had the opportunity to raid Kim K’s closet, aside from Herve Leger I would be able to rack up on just about any designer because her wardrobe is full of everyone. 


 Eva Longoria’s Closet

 Eva Longoria’s closet is one of my favorites.  Nothing adds more elegance to a closet than dark wood.  The handsome shelves and matching step ladder give the closet a luxurious department store feel.  The ritzy hat box and designer shopping bags add to this feel as well.  The satin hangers, dressing stand and stool keep the atmosphere alive, but warm up the dark wood a bit.  Try adding some of these personal touches to your own wardrobe room and you will have a closet fit for a princess in no time!

Nicky Hilton’s Closet

Nicky Hilton’s closet is both unique and adorable!  She does retro so well by adding clear glass panels to her closet doors so that they become a work of art, rather than just a place to stash her stuff.  The multi colored hangers are a nice divergence from the sleek black and white theme of her bedroom.  I love how Nicky added both a complimentary white chair and vase of roses to her dressing table.  This girl has got style!  Steal Nicky’s look and add a hip, retro vibe to your own closet.

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