50 Facts about me

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I consider my followers as my friends, so I think you should know something more about me, not only my name, where do I live, etc. I also would like YOU to write some facts about yourself, if you only have a time :) Here we go :)

  1. I talk A LOT. Sometimes even to much!
  2. I am very optimistic and positive
  3.  I like it when it's sunny but I also like it when it rains.
  4. My ideal evening is one in front of the TV with my sister and a home cooked meal.
  5.  I know I shouldn’t, but I always care what people think about me.
  6. I can’t handle spicy food. Not even a little bit.
  7. If I hate you in our first meeting, things will be tough for us.
  8.   I’ve never met someone famous D: 
  9.   Sometimes I forgive too easily, even when they don’t deserve it
  10. My hands are always freezing
  11. I've never broke any bones
  12. My favourite holiday is Christmas, because you get to celebrate it with everyone
  13. I can't clean my room unless I am playing music
  14.  I love wearing my pajamas all day, it's just so comfy
  15. I love singing and dancing.
  16. I cry soooo easly while wathing movies!
  17.  I don't smoke, I never have and I hopefully never will. And I don’t drink soda
  18. There was a time I was really addictet to sims.
  19. I have too many songs I like. I can't choose just one favourite. The same with movies.
  20. At night I make all these scenarios in my head. Think about thing I want to happen and things I want to do.
  21.   I still live at home, with both of my parents, and my younger sister.
  22.  I love to read! I’ve read more books than I can count
  23.  I'm not allergic to anything
  24.  I don't like wearing something that shows my stomach, it just makes me feel really exposed
  25. I dream. A lot.
  26.  I really really really want to visit America one day. And when I go, I want to go all over the place. I’ve already planned a route.
  27.   I can be really loud and crazy sometimes
  28. I like my smile and my teeth :3
  29. I personally think curly hair is so SEXY, but, i like the way i look with straight hair rather than my curly hair.
  30.  Water is my favourite drink ever. Yeah, I’m a cheap date, hahha :D
  31. I love strawberries and strawberry cake obviously.
  32.  I’ve never tried ice skating, snow shoeing, or kayaking but I want to.
  33.  I love playing with babies/kids. 
  34. I love both: summer and winter. Don’t know which one more.
  35.  I can’t live without chocolate.
  36. My sister is my best friend
  37.   I love to travel! There are so many places I want to visit when I get older! :)
  38. I have a bitch face so people are scared to talk approach me at first
  39.   I can’t stand when people don’t know the difference between: there, their and they’re. As well as: your and you’re.
  40. I always want to save money. But then, in the same time, I want to go on a big shopping   day. Yeah that's problematic.
  41. I can't explain my thoughts personally sometimes.
  42. I don't drink coffee but I always make coffee for my parents after they come home from work.
  43.  I love taking pictures with friends and family!
  44. I don't mind getting up early in the mornings. Unless it is for school.
  45. I love pizzas, pastas, cookies, cakes, pancakes  and ice creams.
  46. When I have those sad/depressiv moments, I love listen to "depressiv" music. Even   though I know it doesn't help.
  47.  The second thing I do is listening to music REALLY LOUD
  48. I'm so in love with my new girly room! It's so perfect!
  49. I can't choose a favourite colour because I like all of them. All the pastel ones and blue, brown, black, etc.
  50.  I am a good cook and do have a sense of healthy food. But I do love to eat junk food, too, sometimes. 

And that is it! 
I hope you really liked this post! I worked so long on this one cuz actually to get 50 facts is not really easy. 

If we should have something in common let me know in the comments! I'd like to know you better as well! :)

Don't forget to follow me if you enjoy my blog. :)

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