Black Nails

10:22 AM

Black nail polish is a daring but surprisingly easy style. It can go with whatever you're wearing, whether it be Lacoste, or something funky you made yourself. 

Steps to getting the perfect style with Black Nails:

1. First of all, when wearing black nail polish you must maintain shorter and well filed nails. Your nails should also be filed in a square shape.
 2. The key to wearing black nail polish like the stars is managing to get the correct clothing style. 

3. You DON'T want to wear black nail polish and heavy black eyeliner and heavy makeup. You will end up looking more punk then stylish and trendy.
4.You DO want to wear black nail polish with a very natural sun kissed looked. Light pink lip gloss and peach cheeks look great with you black nails!

5.You DON'T want to wear lots of thick chains and necklaces with spikes!
6.You DO want to wear thin chain necklaces mixed with pearls and some cute bangles!

7.You DON'T want to wear you hair short and spiky or dyed very dark black.
8.You DO want to wear a cute short bob or long wavy layers.

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