The basic rules of good style

8:09 AM

Most people, most of the time, judge you by what you're wearing, and if you care about what people think, you should care about what you wear. Life doesn't get much simpler than that. Always keep in mind that each of us is special and that the real style is in us, it may just need a little boost. 

  •  allowing yourself personal choices that express your individuality
  •  understanding the importance of properly choosing your clothing pieces when it comes to attending different occasions/events
  •  mastering the technique of dressing according to you proportions
  •  following the rules of dressing properly according to your age
  •  synchronizing the form of clothing behavior with your own state of mind in order to feel comfortable in your clothes.
  •  keeping up with life trends, forms and norms of behavior regarding clothes
  •  skillfully using clothing details to artfully shape your clothes and encourage the specificity of personal choice in clothing

Be special and be yourself, and this is the most important fashion rule that you should never forget!

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