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I am so so so happy, and the reason for that are you, my readers.:) For some little, but 12 000 for me is a huge number, because my blog have been viewed over 12 000 times. A blog is really my psychotherapy, I love blogging and watching your posts,  and I enjoy every minute. Thank you for reading me, because the feedback means a lot! 
 A 2 years ago I was super frustrated. So I decided to create facebook page "Women's Corner" as a sort of deposit box for things that made me happy. Today i have Tumblr , We heart it and Instagram. 730 days later I'm still not sure what it is, but I know that there are people who visit my page and enjoy it, and that makes me unbelievably happy. Without you i wouldn't be here and thank you for being my followers, thank you for loving or hating me and thank you on your support!
 Kisses for you all. :*

Some Instagram photos:

  Some Tumblr photos:

Some We heart it photos:

Few things that I'd like to tell to my girls today,when we celebrate 2 years:

~ Thank you for being there, for your support & for growing up together
~ Thank you for understanding what this blog means to me
~ Thank you for all compliments, suggestion, complaints
~ Thank you for all funny comments, for advices, friendly tips, also for those annoying stubborn opinions ~ that's what makes difference :)))
~ Thank you that been almost perfect in this group, and I know we'll have much more fun with every new day! <3

With whole my heart, wishing you that all your dreams come true, except one, so you'll still have to hope to something. Don't forget, person with no dreams is nothing! So dream big, believe & all your dreams will come true!

And finally some photos of page "Women's Corner"

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